If your customer service team and warehouse returns department aren't working effectively, this quickly results in customer dissatisfaction. When customers seek out "justice" by charging back the order on the credit card, you lose money. Direct response marketers may accidentally trigger this type of situation if they don't provide the customer with the ability to easily reach your customer service team.

In a competitive marketplace where customer service dictates so much of a company's success, reverse logistics really is the new differentiation between you and your competitors.

Processing returns is a key service offered by Moulton Fulfillment, and we have the experience to handle reverse logistics so you are able to gain a sustainable competitive advantage.

Save The Sale Program

The Moulton Mission is to prevent returns, but we know that isn't always possible. Our Save The Sale Program has received high accolades from very successful clients. In some cases, clients have seen a higher than 40% "save the sale" rate.

We also report any returns back to you. This reverse logistics data is helpful as an early warning system to replace a defective part, rewrite instructions or take other steps to reduce future return levels – saving you and your manufacturing process time and money.

Return strategies have become more complex. With that complexity comes opportunities to use technology as a means to minimize costs and – in some cases – monetize part of those returns.