Shipping in bulk to national retailers, catalogers, small retail stores and Amazon fulfillment centers is a very different proposition than sending individual packages to households. Today’s retail industry has implemented very specific requirements for how goods must be packaged and delivered, including restrictions on pallet configuration, carton specs and labeling, and must-arrive-by dates, to name a few, which can present challenges for vendors.  Working with Moulton’s experienced EDI, retail fulfillment and transportation teams ensures you can avoid the cumbersome costs incurred from order oversights and inaccuracies.

While smaller, independent retailers may email their purchase orders for fulfillment, major retailers require use of EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) technology to assure precise and accurate distribution, making the supply chain more fluid, consistent and predictable; improving accuracy and customer satisfaction.  Moulton’s EDI team works with EDI providers to integrate the process seamlessly and efficiently so orders can be uploaded without delay.

EDI technology covers retail fulfillment workflow from placing purchase orders (850), to transmitting ASNs (Advanced Shipment Notices--856) once product ships, to invoicing the retailer (810), along with acknowledgements of all the back-and-forth transmissions to ensure no information is missed.

For retail shipments that don’t involve EDI, Moulton’s retail team will work with you to capture all the requirements for accurate and timely fulfillment of purchase orders.  Our incredibly diverse clients have provided us experience with fulfilling orders to over 200 different retailers, so we know which questions to ask to make the process smooth.

Moulton’s transportation team routes shipments directly through online transportation management systems or via email as needed, and has developed relationships with major carriers, as well as retailers’ preferred carriers, to ensure prompt pickups and deliveries as well as favorable rates.