Have you outgrown your current kitting and contract packaging order fulfillment solutions? Are you looking for a contract packaging service to help handle the labor-intensive task of collating materials for order fulfillment?

At Moulton Fulfillment, contract packaging – otherwise known as kitting – is our specialty.

When you are offering different versions of the same item, you need the help of a highly efficient production system that delivers on-time, accurate results. Kitting also comes into play for your company when your manufacturer makes a mistake or if you purchased some type of inventory requiring hand assembly or disassembly.

At the heart of Moulton Fulfillment's contract packaging system is our bill of materials document, which details every component to be included in the kit or finished product, including the packaging. When it's time to pick parts for assembly, the bill of materials functions as the master control, assuring seamless integration and absolute accuracy.

We have the experience to handle any kind of kit and the components included. Moulton Fulfillment is your common denominator for kitting order fulfillment that's carefully organized, assured and secure.

Our kitting services expanded when Moulton recent became part of Amware Fulfillment. In addition to kitting and packaging services, Amware has an extensive solution for marketing literature fulfillment, which streamlines the distribution of your literature and promotional materials.