As Seen on TV Fulfillment

Direct Response TV (DRTV), Campaign Management, and Customer Service Specialization

Moulton Logistics is one of the largest As Seen on TV fulfillment companies in the industry.  In this product category alone we ship hundreds of thousands of orders each month, and sometimes hundreds of thousands of orders in a single day.

As Seen on TV fulfilment and distribution has its own unique set of supply chain demands and integrated logistics needs. The power of television advertising can generate huge spikes in order volume.  To make matters more complicated, you may have hundreds of different marketing campaigns, each with its own unique set of circumstances: warehouse storage, financial transactions, auto-ship programs, assemblies and shipping.

When you partner with Moulton Logistics, your dedicated fulfillment & logistics management team helps you determine and solve your most complex Fulfillment Campaign Management and order fulfillment challenges in order to achieve your DRTV and/or eCommerce goals.

From the inception of the pre-planning stage to ongoing daily operations, Moulton Logistics assigns a dedicated Personal Fulfillment Coach to monitor and control the logistics management aspects of your project. Your Personal Fulfillment Coach functions like another member of your organization, keeping you advised of your campaign status every step of the way.

The integrated logistics management backbone, however, is our hands-on staff specializing in specific aspects of your account, from warehouse supervision and CRM to data processing and your individualized inventory management software.

Together, we work with you to develop smart fulfillment and shipping strategies that help you reach your growth goals and objectives. Our job is to ensure that every link in the supply chain is a strong one, from improving customer service to increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

Now, as part of Amware Fulfillment, Moulton is stronger than ever in its ability to support DRTV projects. Our nationwide fulfillment network includes 15 fulfillment centers for high-volume, high-turn operations.