3 Essential DRTV Customer Service Best Practices


essential drtv best practicesIn the world of DRTV marketing, a big part of any product’s success is found in efforts made to elevate and differentiate your brand from competitors. Quality matters, on all sides of the equation, and works to help your company stand apart. DRTV customer service is simply no different.


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As you bring your products to market, consider adopting the following three indispensible DRTV customer service best practices:

1. Provide Multiple Channels For Customers To Connect

DRTV marketing is no longer a one-dimensional, 1-800 kind of service. As you open up your products to retail outlets and online platforms (i.e., websites, eCommerce stores) you must also go beyond the typical DRTV call center.

Typically, if a customer bought your product by phone order, they are going to call when they have a question or concern. If they bought your product online, they are going to search for answers and help on your website. (A helpful website also works to eliminate call volume to your customer service center.)

Today, the best DRTV customer service offers several points of entry for communication: online, mobile, mail, email or phone. Easy access to answers and resolutions is truly appreciated by consumers.

2. Choose Customer Advocacy Over Apathy

Based on a history of bad customer service – featuring reoccurring issues, slow resolutions and a general lack of concern – consumers have a fairly poor outlook when it comes to calling up a company to issue a complaint or ask questions.

Instilling a culture of customer advocacy in your DRTV marketing business has far-reaching benefits. The attitude your DRTV customer service displays is everything, and you must be intent on doing the right thing for each unique customer.

Infuse your DRTV marketing services with the ideology that you are your customers’ voice. With advocacy as your approach, you are not indifferent to customer concerns. Rather, you represent them and their issues or requests to other support teams in your company. This builds trust with your customers, which is invaluable in terms of brand loyalty.

3. Develop A CRM Database To Collect Meaningful Data

One of the best DRTV customer service tools you need to develop is a CRM (customer relationship management) database that gathers information on your customers. The actionable data you collect provides high-level insights into your DRTV fulfillment services and products that you wouldn’t otherwise ascertain from day-to-day operations.

By implementing DRTV fulfillment technology, you streamline your customer data into one platform to make it easily accessible and organized. When you have up-to-date information all in one place, you expedite the process of solving customer issues.

Providing seamless service and support lends to excellent customer retention rates, not to mention positive “word of mouth” via online reviews that generate new business.

Building trust and loyalty with your customers is a key component to your DRTV marketing company’s growth. With the right CRM, proactive attitude and multiple-channel DRTV customer service, you are able to facilitate solving customer issues on first contact.

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