3 Signs You Should Outsource DRTV Fulfillment Services

outsourced drtv fulfillmentIt’s not uncommon for companies like yours to be unaware of all the beneficial offerings DRTV fulfillment services provide. More than just a pick-and-pack operation, a comprehensive DRTV fulfillment company includes services that are capable of handling the complexities and challenges of your entire supply chain.

The following three signs signify that your DRTV marketing company would benefit greatly from outsourcing fulfillment services:

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Sign #1: Your brand expansion is struggling due to different product delivery rules for various retail markets.

As you expand your brand into retail stores, every retailer’s store requirements are unique, and keeping each retailers’ specifications organized – let alone meeting each of their demands – is extremely challenging for most DRTV marketers.

Some retailers want to consolidate multiple stores’ orders into one and then ship to the stores’ distribution center, while other retailers want to split orders out to each store. One retailer may have specific trucking companies they want you to coordinate with, and each trucking company has its own way of communicating and managing orders.

With the right DRTV fulfillment services, you automatically adopt trading partner/vendor familiarity. A DRTV fulfillment service with built-in relationships based on previous fulfillment engagements helps greatly in simplifying and enhancing your retail order management.

Sign #2: You are increasingly concerned about managing inventory levels while also maintaining the right warehouse size.

As your DRTV marketing business grows, the two major management and cost concerns (aside from maintaining balanced shipping costs, that is) come down to inventory and production space.

Inventory management and maintaining the appropriate amount of warehouse space go hand-in-hand. Especially if you are expanding your brand into retail stores, the balancing act of having enough inventories on hand (versus having too much) has the potential to be rather volatile.

How, then, do you also accommodate for enough space to satisfy ever-changing inventory levels? Too much warehouse space: You’re wasting money. Not enough warehouse space: You’re stretching resources, and this typically results in costly mistakes.

When partnering with a DRTV fulfillment service, you should be offered warehouse space that’s scalable to meet the product demands of your business during the course of a fiscal year. For powerful and insightful inventory management, the DRTV fulfillment company should also offer a state-of-the-art order management system that brings logic to your supply chain logistics.

Sign #3: You wish you had a cost structure that ensured proper staffing levels throughout the year.

Directly related to “Sign #2” is the challenge of maintaining the right-sized staff when your DRTV marketing business experiences peaks and valleys in product sales.

With outsourced fulfillment services, you don’t have to worry about the cost of staffing. The DRTV fulfillment service should “right size” their resources to suit the demands of your business throughout the year.

The cost of the scalable service results in significant savings for your DRTV marketing company.

When considering a partnership with any DRTV fulfillment service, you must think beyond your current requirements.

With the right DRTV fulfillment service, you receive business-boosting options and offerings that you may have never considered before – or even thought to be possible.

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Patrick Moulton specializes in logistics and marketing with 15 years of industry experience. He is currently enrolled in the USC Marshall School of Business Executive MBA program.