DRTV Marketers: How To Reach New Customers In Canada


DRTV in CanadaDRTV marketers, take note: Canadian consumer confidence has experienced a recent increase and this market is currently taking advantage of cross-border shopping in the U.S.

This news should challenge your own current, possibly conventional DRTV marketing strategies – but, exactly why and precisely how?

New technologies are a major game changer for DRTV marketing in Canada. Here are some statistics to back up the technology claim:

  • More than 60% of Canadians are interacting with another device (smartphones, tablets and social networking) while watching TV
  • 38% of English-speaking Canadians watch TV online, and advertising budgets for online video are expected to surpass $200 million in 2014
  • 90% of Canadian web users are consuming online video, which is higher than the U.S.
  • These statistics should be very attractive to U.S.-based DRTV marketers. However, that’s not to say reaching the Canadian market isn’t without its challenges.

DRTV Marketing In Canada: Challenge #1

With the media environment expanding in so many different directions, viewers are increasingly distracted, and they must choose how they want to consume media (they simply cannot consume it all). Therefore, the challenge is finding the right methods for engaging with your Canadian audience.

Insider Tip: Sync up your data analytics and measure same-user interactions across all devices. This helps you to develop a DRTV marketing cross-channel strategy.

DRTV Marketing In Canada: Challenge #2

For now, online video views are still skewing to a younger demographic. In fact, Canadians under the age of 24 are the ones consuming about 50% of all video views. To that extent, the entertainment segment is seeing the largest growth in online video views.

Insider Tip: Does your DRTV marketing product align with the demographics of the Canadian online video viewing audience? You must consider youth and entertainment when developing your strategy.

DRTV Marketing In Canada: Challenge #3

International shipping is notoriously difficult for DRTV order fulfillment. The reality is that international shipping for DRTV marketers is only challenging if you don’t have the correct processes in place. Once you have DRTV order fulfillment services that are ready for Canadian shipping, the process takes as much effort as shipping in the U.S.

Insider Tip: You need the right shipping software, which helps with prefilling international customs forms, currency conversions, and inventory and transaction management.

Opening up your DRTV marketing company to a new, international market comes with exciting possibilities and certain known challenges.

To ensure your success in DRTV marketing in Canada, you need to partner with an order fulfillment company with experience in global fulfillment and shipping. Also, look to partner with an order fulfillment company that features bi-coastal fulfillment centers, so you’re able to see the benefits in shipping.

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