How To Get Your Successful Direct Response TV Product Into Retail


DRTV marketingA successful direct response TV campaign is capable of opening the doors to profit-producing retail sales. In fact, typical direct response TV products that go to retail have the potential to sell an average of five to 10 units in retail for every one unit sold via infomercial.

If you’re looking to take your product to retail for the first time, before you get started, there are some new DRTV fulfillment challenges you need to consider. This is because the consumer (instead of the product alone) influences shipping-to-retail distribution.

The following three tips highlight considerations that all successful DRTV marketers must take into account when putting direct response TV products on retail shelves:

1. Focus Your Branding By Gaining Insight Into Your Consumers’ Needs

From your target market’s point of view, what are their pain points and how does your product provide the necessary solutions? How do other DRTV marketers in your industry address these pains?

Through focus groups, surveys and your own in-house research, you need to know what claims DRTV marketers make on their retail packaging, their pricing strategy and the effect this has on your consumers’ expectations.

This is a critical step to take before developing your promotional branding strategies and engaging with big-box retailers.

2. Understand Each Retailer’s Needs In Order To Create Relevant Programs

When it comes to taking your direct response TV product to retailers, it’s important to also understand their marketing needs as well.

Does Best Buy need to increase store traffic? Is Bed, Bath and Beyond looking to attract a specific type of consumer?

Answering these questions helps DRTV marketers drive co-marketing programs that differentiate a direct response TV product, providing each retailer’s shoppers with a unique and fulfilling experience.

3. Optimize Your DRTV Fulfillment Retail Marketing Plan With Data Analytics

Where many DRTV marketers fall short in retail distribution is in monitoring the right data – on a weekly or even daily basis – to make those critical real-time adjustments needed to maximize retail performance.

Gaining relevant insight to optimize your retail DRTV fulfillment plan, you need accurate, up-to-date metrics for subsets such as transactions, media performance and consumer engagement.

To reach that next level of success for your direct response TV product, you must have the agility to constantly evolve with audience touch points and new revenue streams.

As you transition into shipping-to-retail distribution, you have to view how you market your products and work with retail partners in a whole new way. When researching retail fulfillment providers, look for a company that is experienced in shipping to big-box retailers and has the EDI technology to manage your product via multiple channels.

When you account for these three key factors of any successful direct response TV campaign for retail, alongside your infomercials, you’re able to drive sales and bring a huge boost to your bottom line.

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About The Author

Patrick Moulton specializes in logistics and marketing with 15 years of industry experience. He is currently enrolled in the USC Marshall School of Business Executive MBA program.