DRTV Shipping: 5 Effective Tips For Communicating With Your Customers


DRTV shipping delays rank among one of the top reasons for customer dissatisfaction. And, as you know, customer satisfaction makes or breaks your business.

Effective DRTV Customer Service Communication

Despite your DRTV marketing company’s best efforts to get products to your customers on time, or even before the scheduled date of delivery, some reasons for delayed deliveries are simply out of your control. (See: Mother Nature, holiday overload, etc.)

Regardless of whether or not a shipping delay is your fault, you have to handle each issue with honesty and transparency, and you must take full advantage of all forms of communication.

The following five tips are helpful ways to ensure your customers remain satisfied, even in the event of a DRTV shipping issue: 

1. Practice The Power Of Personal Communication

DRTV fulfillment technology has made it easy to reach out virtually to customers, and virtual communication is very useful and effective for conducting business. Yet, in a world where automation abounds and technology touches everything, personal communication has become that much more meaningful.

Typically, a customer expects communication via the same medium they used to purchase your product. If they bought your product online, they’re going to expect communication about that purchase to be conducted through email. In addition to an email – depending on the severity of the delay – consider placing a phone call to address the DRTV shipping delivery issue.

Placing a phone call is a simple effort that makes a big difference to a customer.

2. Never Make Up Excuses, Always Apologize

When you receive a customer who’s upset about a DRTV shipping snafu, don’t get reactionary and grasp for any excuse to diffuse the situation. Instead, show you are sympathetic to their needs and apologize for the shipping delay.

Make a sincere apology, provide a reason for why their delivery is late and let them know how you intend to correct the issue.

3. Provide Your Upset Customers With Options

One very effective way to resolve a DRTV shipping issue with a customer is to provide the customer with choices for a solution. Let the customer make the decision on how to bring the shipping issue to a close.

Options may include examples such as: “We are very sorry for the delay. Would you prefer to wait for the t-shirt to become available again, and we’ll overnight the item to you? Or, we could cancel the order and we’ll give you a credit for 20% off of your next order …”

When you provide your customers with a choice, they transform from feeling victimized to gaining control over the situation, which creates a satisfying experience for them.

4. Don’t Shy Away From Over-Communicating With Your Customers

Even though you may have already apologized for the DRTV shipping order issue, it’s important for your customers to know they are at the forefront of your mind and that you are working to resolve the issue.

If a backordered item shows up to your warehouse, let the customer know. Send an email, give them a call or stay in touch via text message. They are going to appreciate being kept in the loop about the progress of their order.

5. Manage Customer Expectations, Then Work To Exceed Them

One of the worst mistakes your DRTV marketing company can make is over-promising and not delivering. Don’t disappoint your customer twice. Keep expectations for a quick resolution within reason.

When you team with DRTV fulfillment services, you have access to customer call centers and technology to help facilitate all forms of communication with your customers. The right order fulfillment company knows how to manage your DRTV shipping and customer service needs to ensure positive outcomes for all parties involved.

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About The Author

Patrick Moulton specializes in logistics and marketing with 15 years of industry experience. He is currently enrolled in the USC Marshall School of Business Executive MBA program.