DRTV Marketing: Simplify Your Direct And Retail Order Fulfillment


retail order fulfillmentDRTV marketing has recently become a two-prong campaign: While traditional direct response marketing platforms (infomercials) supplement the promotion of your product to consumers, you ultimately want retailers to put your product on their shelves to generate even more buyer interest.

Order fulfillment for retail distribution has a different set of shipping and handling variables you haven’t dealt with regarding shipping directly to buyers’ homes. These retail distribution variables include differences in:

  • Inventory management
  • Packaging
  • Retail routing guides
  • Vendor compliance

The problem for your DRTV marketing company is deciding between having both direct-to-consumer (D2C) and retail shipping done at one warehouse or split them up into two different segments.

The best way to achieve simplicity and efficiency for your DRTV fulfillment is to partner with one company that’s capable of handling both retail and direct order fulfillment services.

Here’s why:

If you hire two order fulfillment companies to handle both direct and retail segments of your DRTV marketing, you’re complicating matters for inventory, invoicing, delivery schedules, freight shipping and more. If you work with two order fulfillment companies, you double your work (and worry) trying to stay organized and prepared.

Your direct and retail segments must be streamlined in terms of inventory demand.

Projecting Inventory Demand Is A Difficult Task, Why Make It More Complicated?

Imagine your inventory is divided between two different order fulfillment companies. You run an infomercial and, all of the sudden, your DRTV marketing company receives a spike in orders. One is a massive order from Target with a tight deadline.

With two order fulfillment companies, you either have to wait weeks/months for new inventory to come in from the manufacturer, or pay one fulfillment service to send the inventory to the other fulfillment service so they may handle the shipment to Target.

Successfully Support Spikes In Demand With One Order Fulfillment Company

When you partner with one order fulfillment company that’s capable of handling both direct and retail fulfillment, you get one set of pricing and one invoicing system for easier accounting.

Also, when you’re low on inventory for your retailers, the combined DRTV fulfillment services are able to use the inventory originally reserved for D2C (and vice versa).

With this operation in place, you save on costs because you don’t have to wait for inventory to be shipped from one warehouse to another. The time lost during shipment between warehouses could result in costly chargebacks and even a loss of contract with the retail store.

With the right expertise and resources to handle both your retail and direct fulfillment services, one order fulfillment company helps you combine the two forces to keep costs low while ensuring products moving smoothly to your consumers and your retailers.

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About The Author

Patrick Moulton specializes in logistics and marketing with 15 years of industry experience. He is currently enrolled in the USC Marshall School of Business Executive MBA program.