Two Key Reporting Differences Between DRTV Marketing And eCommerce


DRTV marketing and ecommerceWhen it comes to DRTV marketing, order fulfillment and shipping is a nuanced, layered process. There are many variables that must come together seamlessly to deliver your customers a perfect purchasing experience.

Inherently, your DRTV business has distinctively different operational needs than those of eCommerce businesses. You must be capable of shipping a lot of inventory on short notice and also be capable of shipping bulk orders to retail stores. Typically, your expenses are much higher – due to product development, marketing and sales expenses – even though your products’ price points are much lower. With tight margins like these, there’s no room for unnecessary extras.

The main balancing act for any successful DRTV marketer is to minimize fulfillment, shipping and customer service expenses. You need to keep costs low while finding the sweet spot of shipping speed, value and precision.

The following are two key differences between DRTV marketing and eCommerce. Discernment of the logistical difference between the two business models is critical to your DRTV marketing company’s success.

Delivery Of Impressions Dictates Decision Making

As a DRTV marketer, an unpredictable marketplace coupled with the delivery of impression via infomercial dictates the majority of your decision making about order fulfillment.

When eCommerce gains impressions from online advertising, these impressions are delivered steadily and without limitation. DRTV marketing impressions, on the other hand, are delivered in batches coming from individual occurrences (commercial breaks) and with limited supply.

As a DRTV marketer, this means your inventory is always going to be much tighter than that of an eCommerce business. Tactically speaking, to effectively manage your inventory, you need greater insight into business operations via real-time reporting. Most specifically, you need software that’s capable of delivering you accurate reports for retail order management.

DRTV-To-Online Demands More Accurate Tracking

To succeed at DRTV marketing, you need 100% accuracy into how your campaign is performing. This means gathering data collected from mail orders, phone orders, direct URL to your website and through the search channel.

Hopefully, your DRTV marketing is incorporating an online, eCommerce platform, as you must not ignore the necessity to track online orders for accurate reporting. Accurately accounting for online orders ultimately informs important decisions about your direct response marketing TV spots. You don’t want to have to cancel a profitable DRTV infomercial because your customers prefer purchasing products through the web.

As a DRTV marketer in today’s economy, you need to capitalize on the many mediums available to most effectively market your product. But, that marketing means nothing if you are unable to track the results. Partnering with an order fulfillment company capable of handling multiple mediums while also offering customizable software for retail and eCommerce needs is critical to achieving data-tracking accuracy.

Real-Time, Accurate Reporting Is The Critical Factor Of DRTV Marketing

eCommerce business owners only have to track online orders, which is a fairly simple task. With DRTV marketing, on the other hand, you must be prepared to take blasts of orders from various platforms – retailers, online, mail and phone.

Even if your customers see your 1-800 number or direct product URL on their TV screen, they are still very likely to Google search your company name and purchase your product through that entry point. Therefore, your DRTV business must also have accurate reporting on this search-related data to make smart, confident decisions about order fulfillment and future business growth.

When business gets this complex, it’s time to partner with an experienced order fulfillment company that’s well versed in both eCommerce and DRTV marketing. The right order fulfillment company is going to have all the resources you need to cut unnecessary costs and deliver the best service to your customers with every single shipment.

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Patrick Moulton specializes in logistics and marketing with 15 years of industry experience. He is currently enrolled in the USC Marshall School of Business Executive MBA program.