Is A Self-Serve Customer Service Strategy Too Good To Be True?


Self-service Customer ServiceIn the complex logistical world of the order fulfillment, DRTV marketing and eCommerce industries, customer service has become one of the most prominent differentiators between you and your competitors.

Today, 86% of clients stop doing business with a company because of poor customer service. Customer care must be a top priority of your business to ensure positive customer retention rates.

As customer service expectations keep growing, new alternatives to address customer issues have arisen: The emerging customer service trend that you need to keep an eye on is customer self-service.

For DRTV or eCommerce marketers, this self-service revolution means implementing technology into your customer service options that’s capable of accepting unique, customized input from the customers themselves.

The basic goal of customer self-service is two-prong:

  1. Allow your customers to resolve their own issues
  2. Save money by reducing the cost of a live customer call center

Customer self-service may be offered either by your website or via IVR (interactive voice response) phone interactions. In either case, both programs need to tie directly into your CRM (customer relationship management) program. Everything must hinge on your CRM, because that is where all program data resides.

Customer Self-Service Does Not Rule Out A Personalized Solution

Although 70% of consumers already expect a customer self-service option for handling commercial questions and complaints, maintaining a live agent at a customer contact center is still a necessity. This is necessary due to either customer self-service falling short or, in the case of infomercial customers, the demographic age.

Infomercial customers have a higher tendency to contact a call center service than eCommerce customers, because the infomercial customer demographic simply skews older.

In addition, infomercials still provide their customers with an inbound call center to accept orders. When a customer has the option to order a product by phone, its also highly probable they’ll want to reach the customer contact center by phone to address any issues.

The Primary Goal Is Improved Customer Service

When self-service is working, it’s a great thing for you and your customers. But, if a self-service option ever causes greater inefficiency and frustration, this is counterproductive for your customer retention rates and profit margins.

That’s why it’s important to partner with an order fulfillment company that provides both core elements of modern customer service: outsourced customer service via live agents and technologies for customer self-service, such as IVR and website integration tools.

As you consider technologies for self-service, be sure your order fulfillment partner has a powerful platform that:

  • Provides your customers with the ability to answer simple questions on their own
  • Does not contain old IVR barriers, once used to deflect calls, that frustrate customers
  • Matches agent technology to self-service technology for a seamless customer experience

The most important thing about creating a dynamic, user-friendly customer contact center is to understand its role in our multi-channel world. How do customers actually use each channel? When looking for answers, do they go to your website first?

By the time they are calling a live agent, it’s likely a customer’s issue is more complex, and you need to ensure your representatives are trained to resolve difficult issues quickly.

Is Customer Self-Service Too Good To Be True?

Customer self-service isn’t too good to be true. However, to achieve the best customer relationships, customer self-service is too one-dimensional to exist on its own.

It’s highly recommended to have an order fulfillment partner with the guidance and resources to deliver what truly works for both your customers and your business. Ultimately, the best customer contact center is going to feature various entry points – via website, IVR or live agent – to satisfy each level of customer issues.

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About The Author

Patrick Moulton specializes in logistics and marketing with 15 years of industry experience. He is currently enrolled in the USC Marshall School of Business Executive MBA program.