Moulton Logistics has been acquired by Amware Fulfillment,  an Atlanta-based company specializing in direct-to-consumer fulfillment. 

Amware-Moulton-Dec-2020-blogThe combined companies create one of America's largest, privately held fulfillment services companies, with 15 fulfillment centers located in every region of the country. This expanded distribution network enables 1–2 day ground delivery to 95% of the U.S. population.

Moulton and Amware fulfill orders for all sales channels, but both have a strategic focus on B2C fulfillment for eCommerce companies, direct selling companies and brands that market through direct response TV (DRTV).

According to Moulton's Vice President of Sales, Joel Crannell, customers will see only positive change as a result of the acquisition. "Existing and new customers will benefit from an expanded facility network that can put product closer to customers and reduce shipping costs. They will also benefit from our greater buying leverage with parcel carriers, and access to the 85 years of operational expertise of the Amware/Moulton team."

Amware’s CEO, Harry Drajpuch, says Moulton adds new but complementary capabilities to the Amware service suite, including after-sale call center services and expertise in DRTV fulfillment . “The Moulton Logistics name is synonymous with DRTV fulfillment for products sold via TV commercials and shop-at-home shows. Amware is excited to leverage our B2C fulfillment expertise in this channel, particularly at a time when more people are ordering online and in response to TV promotions.”

The Moulton brand will transition to the Amware Fulfillment brand over time. In the meantime, the focus remains what it has always been: providing the fulfillment expertise and infrastructure to help brands grow, without limits.  


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