Balancing Shipping Costs With Customer Satisfaction

Your customers need a delivery schedule that satisfies their expectations. You need an order fulfillment solution that satisfies your customers' needs without breaking the bank on shipping costs. That's why Moulton Fulfillment offers specialized, customizable and cost-effective fulfillment solutions that keep your business profitable.

When you partner with Moulton Fulfillment, your Personal Fulfillment Coach helps you find the right balance between these two critical success factors through:

  • Smart Fulfillment™ Services – Your team at Moulton Fulfillment monitors order fulfillment for speed and cost-effectiveness to provide the best delivery method.
  • The Balancing Act – We maximize our individual client's customer satisfaction and minimize costs per shipment for each unique product.
  • Order Fulfillment Software – We look at every single item and provide information on preferred speed of delivery, as well as cost of shipping.

Many marketers don't realize there are a number of hidden surcharges and shipping costs carriers only charge for after delivery of the package. When you get your shipping invoice at the end of the month, you end up seeing unexpected shipping costs.

When you partner with Moulton Fulfillment, you avoid the problem of unanticipated costs -- our logistics experts have programmed in the hundreds of different rules that trigger surcharges, so you never get stuck paying the difference.

Through these personalized fulfillment services and platforms, we help you determine the best, balanced Smart Shipping™ delivery for your products based on demographics, price point and the nature of the solution each product provides.

When you consider that shipping costs are, on average, three times as expensive as fulfillment costs, choosing a vendor with the ability to customize a different shipping strategy on every single order more than pays for your fulfillment costs.