Is your current order management system failing to properly handle the business rules? To be cost-effective and speed-competitive, the logic driving your order management and operational decisions can't be buried or hidden out of view.

Moulton Fulfillment's M-Power Order Management Software is part of your fulfillment package and offers more than other order management systems on the market.

When you partner with Moulton Fulfillment, your OMS is set up and ready for you to use, ensuring your marketer's business rules are visible, easily modified by non-programmers and flexible enough to fit your business. Feature-rich and battle-tested throughout 25 years of industry challenges, our proprietary order management software helps protect your business from errors with built-in safety nets allowing for constant adjustability.

M-Power Order Management Software easily functions as a back-office order fulfillment and processing service or as a complete CRM solution to power your call centers. Because the software is delivered as an online service, Moulton manages it for you.

The M-Power Order Management software features:

  • Order entry, search, copy & editing
  • Address verification
  • Tracking order files and carrier delivery status
  • Refunds & adjustments
  • Continuity
  • Commissions calculations
  • Retail order management
  • EDI transaction tracking
  • Call player & call center PBX integration

M-Power Order Management Software is not only your smart order management technology solution, it's also incredibly cost-effective because we don't tack on a transaction fee or try to cut ourselves in on your sales. For more information, simply click on the link below to receive a demo.