Are you overwhelmed by numbers, data and reports? Moulton Fulfillment understands how time-consuming and difficult it is to navigate all the numbers and arrive at a true understanding of what it all means.

Our M-Power Operations Management system is a web-based dashboard solution that provides you with a direct view into the numbers that drive your business. With this system, you improve warehouse operations with real-time intelligence on orders, cash, shipments, returns, calls and other critical data points. All of your operations reporting is right at your fingertips.

With this warehouse operations dashboard, you receive streaming charts and data widgets designed to give you a "heads up" display of current, actionable data. It's also easily customizable to display data when you want it, the way you want it.

The M-Power Operations Management system gives you direct view into:

  • Orders & bookings
  • Shipments & sales
  • Payments, refunds & cash
  • Batch processes
  • Inventory
  • Receiving reports
  • Bills of lading
  • Continuity
  • Call centers

Moulton's M-Power Operations Management system provides high-level insights into your data to help you make the smartest, most effective decisions for your business. For more information, simply click on the link below to receive a demo.