Have you ever wanted to listen to your customer service calls, but end up spending too much time jumping through hoops with your vendor to receive even a single call file? This hinders your ability to provide the level of customer service that sets you apart from your competitors, while also potentially bogging you down with a backlog of calls that need to be addressed.

Our M-Power Call Center Solutions are delivered by a web-based call analysis tool, allowing you to search and filter by the call type or category you're interested in, playback the calls and grade your customer service calls in an easily accessible and secure environment. M-Power Call Center operations provide you with all the insight you need into your customer calls. This transparency helps you acknowledge and act on any negative consumer remarks in a quick and candid way.

M-Power Call Center Solutions offer you:

  • Query-based lookup
  • Call player
  • Call/agent grading
  • Agent statistics

Moulton Fulfillment's M-Power Call Center Solutions provide you with actionable call center operations to help you expedite prompt answers to your customers. This high level of customer service is the backbone of your business's ability to sustain success. For more information, simply click on the link below to receive a demo.