Retail distribution and fulfillment have very specific requirements that may vary by destination. You can't afford the cumbersome costs incurred from order oversights and invoice inaccuracies. The best shipping technology to assure precise and accurate retail distribution for your products is EDI (Electronic Data Interchange).

Retail EDI is an indispensable tool for making your supply chain more fluid, consistent and predictable, improving data accuracy and customer service while increasing the overall speed of communication across the entire retail fulfillment process.


EDI Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What EDI documents do you support?
 810, 812, 816, 820, 824, 850, 855, 856, 864, 997, 940, 945, 753, 754

Q: What version of EDI documents do you support?
 004010VICS, from 02000 to 005030 ANSI X12

Q: What AS2 software do you support?

Q: What version of AS2 software do you have?
 Version 3.4.21

Q: Who's the manufacturer of your software?
 Cleo Communication

Many retail fulfillment service providers and 3PLs outsource their EDI setups. That practice increases the chances of delay and miscommunication in your supply chain.

When you partner with Moulton Fulfillment, our in-house retail EDI capabilities keep your direct response shipping costs competitive, while also maximizing supply chain efficiencies to meet today's stringent fulfillment and distribution requirements.