Outsourced Warehousing, Order Fulfillment, and Customer Service Contact Centers

North East Coast United States -- South Brunswick, New Jersey Fulfillment Center

Most retailers have a heavy NorthEast customer base,  and South Brunswick New Jersey is the epicenter of east coast distribution centers. Moulton Logistics’ Fulfillment Center is located in one of the most sought after locations in the Logistics Industry in the  8A Industrial Center.  Named after the exit off the New Jersey Turnpike, It has long been regarded as a key distribution point for large e-Commerce brands. 

With 70% of the population living east of the Mississippi River, having an east coast shipping presence is becoming a must for many companies.  This location will reduce shipping costs and time in transit to help meet the growing delivery expectations of the East Coast e-Commerce Customer. 

Like our West Coast, Los Angeles California distribution center, this location is strategically located close to the Ports to minimize drayage costs.  The 200,000 square foot warehouse is located 40 miles from the Port of Elizabeth, New Jersey.

Regardless of your current warehousing strategy, you can add one or more of Moulton's high-velocity fulfillment centers to compliment your distribution network.  This can significantly lower your shipping charges, and speed up delivery.  Click Here to contact a specialist who can provide you with a quote, or continue reading to learn more about the specific benefits of these locations and services you have access to.  

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Moulton Logistics' fulfillment centers are optimized for distribution to the United States and Canada.  In addition to multi-channel warehousing and order fulfillment, we provide a full-service back-end outsourcing solutions including drop shipping and customer service contact centers to help manage your direct-to-consumer brand.