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West Coast United States --Los Angeles, California Fulfillment Center

The West Coast is the shortest distanced and first stop for inbound inventory manufactured in Asia and transported by ocean freight.  Product destined for Gulf or East Coast ports arrive at the West Coast first, then down past Mexico, Central America and through the Panama Canal before stopping at Gulf Ports and then to the East Coast.  

The Port of Los Angeles is usually the West Coast port of choice because of its prime access to the western U.S. population centers.  California is the most populated state in the US, with an estimated 38 million residents, and the Greater Los Angeles Area is estimated 18.5 million.

A Los Angeles fulfillment center will provide a distinct advantage over other distribution points in the United States with respect to inbound ocean freight cost and speed of delivery from Asia to North America.  Shipping to the west coast instead of the east can save around $1,800 per container, reduces time-in-transit by about two weeks.  If you have ever been in a backorder situation, the last thing you want is to wait another two weeks for the inventory to reach your distribution center.  Moulton Logistics' LA Fulfillment Center is located only 40 miles from the Ports of Los Angeles and Port of Long Beach which further reduces your inbound transportation and drayage costs. 

Los Angeles has a year-round dry moderate-to-warm weather, which allows uninterrupted shipping for its warehouses.  Distribution points located even one state inland like Reno, Nevada must deal with weather-related closures.

Moulton's LA fulfillment center is conveniently located close to Los Angeles International Airport and is adjacent to private airfield, Van Nuys for private plane charter.

Regardless of your current warehousing strategy, you can add one or more of Moulton's high-velocity fulfillment centers to compliment your distribution network.  This can significantly lower your shipping charges, and speed up delivery.  Click Here to contact a specialist who can provide you with a quote, or continue reading to learn more about the specific benefits of these locations and services you have access to.  

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Moulton Logistics' fulfillment centers are optimized for distribution to the United States and Canada.  In addition to multi-channel warehousing and order fulfillment, we provide a full-service back-end outsourcing solutions including drop shipping and customer service contact centers to help manage your direct-to-consumer brand.