Top 3 Weigh Scales to Improve Fulfillment Warehousing Quality and Efficiency

By Kevin Hill | Thu, Jun 15, 2017

Each and every warehouse and distribution center relies on dependable and efficient data in ensuring top-end performance. Regardless of the type of application they use, choosing the right scale system and employing proper weighing practices is crucial in generating increased revenues. The importance of a reliable weighing system in warehouse operations is that it improves the accuracy of shipping and billing functions, thereby enhancing overall workflow productivity.

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How do they get World Series merchandise to the stores fast enough to supply the demand?

By Patrick Moulton | Fri, Nov 04, 2016

Chicago Cubs fans have been waiting 108 years for this day.  They watched their team celebrate with the official championship baseball cap, and the next morning retail outlets would be slammed with an influx of customers looking to celebrate with their team by wearing the same cap.  The winner of the series was not determined until game 7, so how does the manufacturer get the winning team's hats to the retail outlets by the next day?  Creating champion caps for both teams would make around half of the merchandise obsolete and be a huge cost and waste.  

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