DRTV Marketing: How To Strike The Right Delivery Speed Balance

By Patrick Moulton | Thu, Sep 04, 2014

As a DRTV marketer, the decisions you make about fulfillment and shipping significantly affect your customer service cost.

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DRTV Marketing: Simplify Your Direct And Retail Order Fulfillment

By Patrick Moulton | Thu, Aug 21, 2014

DRTV marketing has recently become a two-prong campaign: While traditional direct response marketing platforms (infomercials) supplement the promotion of your product to consumers, you ultimately want retailers to put your product on their shelves to generate even more buyer interest.

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Top 3 Trends In DRTV Fulfillment That Minimize Shipping Costs

By Patrick Moulton | Thu, Feb 27, 2014

Direct response marketing has a lot of profit-producing potential. However, to protect those coveted profits, you must discover ways to minimize shipping costs whenever possible.

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