Moulton Fulfillment is an integrated logistics and order fulfillment company. That means we provide total solutions and one-stop shopping for companies requiring customized information solutions, order fulfillment, retail distribution and logistics services.

  • Optimized Order Fulfillment
    It doesn't matter whether it's an order from an individual consumer or a huge shipment to a big box retailer, Moulton Fulfillment is the master of outbound logistics.
  • Superior Shipping Rates
    We ship tens of thousands of products daily to consumers placing orders from direct response infomercials, TV and radio infomercials, call centers, websites and shopping channels. Because of our very high business-to-consumer shipping volume, we are in a position to negotiate highly favorable shipping rates. Our Smart Shipping program ensures you avoid hidden carrier surcharges, while letting you know shipping rates upfront – not after the invoice arrives.
  • Deadline-Driven Retail Distribution
    We regularly ship to some of the largest retailers in America, including Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, Lowe's, QVC and JCPenney. Retail fulfillment at this level is extremely deadline sensitive and our in-house EDI integration process precisely conforms to the detailed electronic shipping requirements of the retailer, thus avoiding costly charge backs that result from incorrect order processing.
  • In-Control Inbound Logistics
    We distinguish ourselves from other fulfillment companies because we are able to service our clients through every phase of the logistics supply chain process – from identifying low-cost manufacturers to customs clearance and inbound shipping.

Moulton Fulfillment maintains strategic locations on the East and West Coast of the U.S., along with a central location in Canada, to keep freight costs down and time in transit to a minimum. We are able to stock inventory on both coasts and manage the containers and/or intermodal transportation to both locations.