Moulton Logistics Management Fulfillment Center Locations Los Angeles, CA Dayton, NJ Toronto, ON Canada

With the significant majority of US consumer packaged goods being manufactured offshore, there is a high probability your inventory will be arriving via ocean freight.  Moulton Logistics has optimal locations near the ports on both the west and east coasts to minimize any additional inbound transportation costs. For retailers selling to the Canadian consumer, we offer a Toronto distribution center to reduce the time, costs, and hassle of shipping individual orders across the border.  All three fulfillment centers are strategially located near the highest population densities to reduce your order delivery time and shipping cost.  If you already have a fulfillment center in a different location, you can add one of ours to your distribution network to further increase your supply chain efficiency, without the major capital investment.

What our clients and partners are saying
  • Aj Khubani Portrait

    “At Telebrands we use only the best vendors, and when it comes to Fulfillment,
    Moulton is the absolute best.”

    AJ Khubani
    Founder & CEO, Telebrands

  • James Kunitz Portrait

    "If you’re in the market or looking for a Direct Response partner … you’ll want to make sure that you’re with an experienced agency. Someone with a huge history of Success. Moulton logistics has it all, they really do have all of the components under one roof."

    James Kunitz
    CEO, Body FX